Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pot in the Park this Saturday? (GASP!)

Left: Muted Melodies, my entry in this year's Student & Member Show at the Dunedin Fine Art Center. Sagar fired.

Yup. I'll be doing pot-tery at Art-in-the-Park in Oldsmar this Saturday, April 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. No smoking, this time (as in RAKU, people!). Just throwing.

(Pity our daughter-in-law whose mother takes her Wii game when she travels out of town with her family. One friend misheard and thought she was taking weed with her. "Just what I need," our daughter-in-law said, "a mom who takes her weed with her wherever she goes and a father-in-law who's into pot.")

Finished groaning?

R.E. Olds Park, in Oldsmar, is on the water right at the top of Tampa Bay (directions to the park are below). Sounds as though there will be a great line-up of artists, crafters, and entertainers, including Comic Book artist Mark Pennington, a Paper Airplane artist Dean Mackey, dancers, musicians, spoken word performances, and more!

Look for me next to the concessions stand.

And look for the other half of we right next to me! Anne will be reading from her new book, Insiders' Guide® to the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

R.E. Olds Park is located at 107 Shore Drive West. Take SR580 from either Hillsborough or Pinellas County to St. Petersburg Dr. N. (there's a stoplight there). Turn LEFT if you are coming from Hillsborough County. Turn RIGHT if you are coming from Pinellas County. Either way, you are turning onto St. Petersburg Dr. N. toward Jack Willie's Tiki Bar & Grill. Follow St. Petersburg Dr. N. to Bayview Blvd. Turn RIGHT and go to Shore Drive W. Turn RIGHT and you should see the park. Warning: The Google Map marker shows the park southeast of where it really is.