Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Annual Demo & Sale This Saturday: The Potters' Guild of Florida's Gulf Coast

Poster designed by Thom Gleason, Clearwater.

Almost as fascinating as watching a pot emerge from the clay is watching a new organization emerge from a group of disparate but like-minded people. In this case, it's The Potters' Guild of the Florida Gulf Coast that has been gathering and growing over the last several months, mostly at the invitation of clay artist Glenn Woods.

Woods' distinctive expanded pottery style has earned him a name here and in Illinois --as well as elsewhere, I'm sure -- and partner, Keith Herbrand, have opened their home/studio the first Wednesday evening of the last few months to "those who love and work with clay either as a profession or a hobby - all skill levels," as Glenn wrote in an email.

Expanded pottery by Glenn Woods, Palm Harbor

After the all-important snack-and-social time and a business meeting, someone demonstrates a skill or technique.

"So far," Glenn writes, "we have had demonstrations on carving in rubber blocks used to print patterns in slabs, measuring and calculating specific gravity for the purpose of mixing glazes that are consistent, and using sewer cloth with clay projects."

This Saturday the group presents their first showcase and sales event, also being held at Woods'/Herbrand's home. For some people, this will be their first attempt to market their work, and they can learn the art of displaying their work from the more experienced artists.

Poster designed by Glenn Woods, Palm Harbor  

"All kinds of clay works will be there at every skill level and at every price level," writes Woods. "It is my hope that all will do well and the Potters' Guild Annual Pottery Sale will become known for this very broad range of work, as inclusive as possible."

I'll be there, too.

I met Glenn through the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, where he is on the faculty as a clay instructor.
I've learned a lot --make that a LOT -- at DFAC, but the world of clay is bigger than any one teacher, studio, school, or location . The Potters' Guild isn't affiliated with any of the area studios, so it's a good place to meet other clay enthusiasts and to learn even more.

 Saturday's pottery market offers a lot of pottery styles and techniques in one place. Demos, too.

See you there!

Saggar-fired burnished ware by Lee Anderson, Safety Harbor

Note: Bogie Lane is on the north side of Curlew Rd. between Keene/County Road 1 and Bayshore Blvd.