Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And The Winner Is . . .

Anne here, with a note of thanks to Lee:

Left: Halide K. Smith, a Sarasota composer and artist, won the door prize--a Pegasus series burnished pot donated by Lee--at the Florida State Association, NLAPW, 2009 biennial conference. [Photo by Helene LeBrun, Gainesville branch artist -- thank you for sharing this, Helene!]

The National League of American Pen Women has provided professional women writers, artists, and composers with a national network and support system since 1897. Today, the group has branches in most states and counts many talented women among its members.

Our Florida State Association was very grateful to Lee for donating this piece. As our treasurer noted in her official, but very graciously written, receipt: "Trust me when I tell you that your pottery piece, given out as a door prize at one of our evening meals, was given to a Pen Woman, while an entire room of members sat in pure envy."

I'll second that.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Always Something New to Learn

People sometimes ask me what kind of clay I "do."
My answer?

All of it.

I want to learn how clay works -- what the different types of clay are, how each feels in the hand, and what it does on the wheel.

I want to learn how to form different shapes: How to throw an orb and then open it up into a platter. How to throw large pots that hold their shape. How to create different kinds of necks and bases.

I want to learn different finishing techniques: burnishing, burning, glazing, raku glazing, resist firing, crystalline glazes.

I want to know what happens in the kiln and why. Some people could care less, but I want to know what molecular change is taking place as the piece is heated and as it cools.

Sometimes I just want to see what happens if I try something different.

I could be at this for a very long time.