Saturday, January 9, 2010

Always Something New to Learn

People sometimes ask me what kind of clay I "do."
My answer?

All of it.

I want to learn how clay works -- what the different types of clay are, how each feels in the hand, and what it does on the wheel.

I want to learn how to form different shapes: How to throw an orb and then open it up into a platter. How to throw large pots that hold their shape. How to create different kinds of necks and bases.

I want to learn different finishing techniques: burnishing, burning, glazing, raku glazing, resist firing, crystalline glazes.

I want to know what happens in the kiln and why. Some people could care less, but I want to know what molecular change is taking place as the piece is heated and as it cools.

Sometimes I just want to see what happens if I try something different.

I could be at this for a very long time.

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