Sunday, April 5, 2015

Credit Where Credit is Due...

Some people have wondered about the five preceding posts that are not about my work but are about the owners of the five area studios that were the host sites for the 2014 Tampa Bay Tour de Clay. Each of the people and studios profiled -- Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand (Pottery Boys Studio), Ira Burhans (Clay and Paper Studio), Kim Kirchman and Mark Fehl (Hidden Lakes Pottery), Kim Wellman-Welsch and Harry Welsch (Wellman and Welsch Pottery), and Jack Boyle (San Antonio Pottery) -- have taught me much about about the art and the craft of pottery, about the business of art, about teaching, and about life.

So when the Tour participants were looking for someone to write some material promoting the event, Anne volunteered to write some general press releases. But she also wanted to write profile pieces on the studio owners, which they could then use as promotional pieces of their own.


I'll be back soon.....

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